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Undergoing a process of innovation and development for more than 20 years, Chinh Dai Industrial Co., Ltd., is steadily affirming our brand of high-quality steel. Annually, Chinh Dai Steel supplies hundreds of thousand tons of raw steel and fabricated products for domestic and international markets.

Chinh Dai Steel currently supplies 03 main products to the market: galvanized steel coil, galvanized steel pipe, black box steel pipe, and other fabricated products.

  1. Galvanized coilChinh Dai Steel’s galvanized coil products are manufactured from quality-tested raw materials under a rigorous process. On the steel billet base of Japan, Korea, and China; Chinh Dai Steel uses zinc imported from Australia, Korea, and Brazil. Surface treatment chemicals are imported from India. Thanks to the careful selection of input materials, Chinh Dai Steel branded galvanized steel coils have outstanding features:
    • The surface is glossy and beautifully patterned
    • The thickness of the zinc layer is varied from Z12 – Z18, which enhances the resistance to corrosion and the protection of the inner steel layer
    Chinh Dai Steel’s galvanized coil products are widely used in civil construction such as roofing industry; raw materials for pre-engineered steel buildings, steel pipes …; or materials for building factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, theaters …
  2. Galvanized steel pipe mechanicsManufactured from Chinh Dai Steel’s high quality galvanized coil, the galvanized pipe also offers all the outstanding features of the galvanized coil. The high-grade raw materials (steel bases are imported from Japan, Korea, and China; zinc raw materials from Australia, Korea, and Brazil and India’s chemicals) go through various production stages such as winding, welding, turning, shaping, tweaking, and cutting pipes. Chinh Dai galvanized steel pipe hence has a beautiful and glossy surface with high corrosion resistance.Chinh Dai mechanical galvanized steel pipe has been widely used in civil construction (for making ultrasonic columns, scaffolding, prefabricated temporary floor support, civil houses …), interior decoration (such as doors iron, fences, doors) and motor vehicle parts, etc.
  3. Black box steel pipeChinh Dai Steel branded black steel pipe is a breakthrough solution for quality as well as economic prices and benefits for consumers. Produced in industrial-scale production according to JIS G3466 Japanese standard, Chinh Dai black box steel pipe has a good bearing capacity and corrosion resistance, high durability, and easy installation. Therefore, Chinh Dai steel pipe products are widely used in construction projects (making pillars, scaffolding), factories, interior and exterior processing, and mechanical engineering.
  4. Special productsIn addition to the above outstanding products, Chinh Dai Steel also offers many other products such as oval pipes, fences … with outstanding properties that few suppliers can achieve such as high strength, good corrosion resistance. while still ensuring the aesthetics: patterned, glossy & durable.Agricultural application products are also the strength of Chinh Dai Steel with livestock fences for goats, sheep, cows, horses …With the variety of products and guarantee of quality; Chinh Dai’s products increasingly affirm their brand in the domestic and international markets.

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