Chinh Dai Steel has many years of experience in export and a large base of international customers.


Chinh Dai Steel applies seven technology steps with modern machinery and advanced technology. (Production Capacity: 80.000 tons annually)


We are the leading manufacture in Southeast Asia of exporting steel pipes to Australia, USA, India, Laos, Myanmar.


The Chinh Dai Steel products are very diverse and world-trendy, satisfying many customers.

About us

Chinh Dai Industrial Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing and trading many kinds of Galvanized steel rolls, Galvanized steel pipes, Black square steel pipes, and Special products. After 17 years of continuous expansion and innovation, Chinh Dai Steel has become one of the leading steel pipe manufacturers in the region with the presence in many large-scale projects.

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Core values


Chinh Dai Steel places utmost importance in building its Dignity in business activities, maintains professional morality, social morality at the highest standards.


The Company always aspires for a better future for business and society, creates positive influence on the community through our achievements in business.


Transparency and honesty in ralationships contribute to enhance the brand and preserve reputation to customers.




Creativity and Teamwork

Unity, gathering strengths for a co-creation is the way drives Chinh Dai’s success.

Modern Production Line

Modern technology from Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan,… ensuring the standard ISO 9001-2008.

Advanced Technology

Steel manufatured through seven technology steps with modern machinery and advanced technology.

Diversified Products

Products are very diverse and world-trendy, satisfying many customers.

World-class Quality

The Chinh Dai products are exported to Australia, USA, India, Laos, Myanmar …


Creativity and Unity

Creativity and Teamwork are what drive Chinh Dai sustainably succeeded in the past.

Modern Production Line

Chinh Dai Steel has a closed production line system equipped with modern technology ensuring the standard ISO 9001-2008.

Advanced Technology

Chinh Dai Steel applies seven technology steps. Modern machinery and advanced technology contribute to save energy and reduce production costs.

World-class Quality

Chinh Dai is the leading steel manufacturer in Southeast Asia of exporting steel pipes to Australia, USA, India, Laos, Myanmar,…

Diversified Products

Chinh Dai provides a wide variety of products satisfying international customers with outstanding quality.



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