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Corrosion of metal is a big problem for every construction project, which makes choosing sustainable materials and contactors an important task for every construction company. One of the most environmentally-friendly finishing processes available to prevent corrosion, galvanizing, is the key to the problem. Galvanized steel produces minimal waste and ensures that buildings and works are as sustainable as possible.I. What is galvanizing? How does galvanizing work?

1. What is galvanizing?

Galvanizing is a process when zinc is applied to various metals to form a protective coating that prevents corrosion and rust. When the zinc dries, it becomes a sacrificial coating that protects the underneath metal from blemishes.

There are several different processes of galvanizing metals, but hot-dipped galvanization & electro-galvanization are the 02 most common methods of galvanizing. Hot dipped galvanization is the most common way to galvanize the metals, also the most economical way to form a protective zinc coating. Typically, the manufacturers will dunk the metal into a tank of molten zinc that maintains a temperature of around 860°F (460 °C). When the metal is pulled out from the pool, the pure zinc mixes with oxygen to form the zinc oxide. This mixture then further reacts to carbon dioxide and forms the final coating on the material, the zinc carbonate.

Electro-galvanizing may not be as common as the above method, but it is the most unique one. Being totally different from hot-dipped galvanizing, electro-galvanization does not involve either a dipping process or any vat of molten zinc. Instead, the manufacturers will introduce an electric current to an electrolyte solution applied to the steel. This process reduces positively charged zinc ions to zinc metal, which is then deposited on the positively charged steel.

2. How does galvanizing protect the base metal underneath?

After the galvanizing process, the zinc coating is formed and acts as a protective layer for the base metal. The coating will then protect the metal as follows.

First of all, it prevents corrosive substances from reaching the base metal. If there is any corrosion, the coating will be harmed first.

Secondly, the galvanization will protect the base metal from rusting. Once the coating is scratched, the zinc will sacrifice its anode more easily than the metal underneath. Hence, the metal itself will be protected well from rusting.

Finally, the zinc coating will corrode faster than the base metal does, which helps maintain the good condition of the metal. Some might find it difficult to understand, as the coating is expected to last long. However, the fact that the outside corrodes before the inside is what protects the base underneath the metal.II. What is galvanizing? How does galvanizing work?

1. What is galvanized steel?

As per the given definition of galvanizing, we can understand galvanized steel as an object that the zinc-iron coating protects the base metal made from steel. The coating formed by the galvanizing process enhances the durability & strength of the steel itself by the corrosion protection. It also changes the steel’s appearance by giving it a rugged look. Overall, after going through the galvanizing process, the steel becomes stronger and harder to scratch and corrode; which makes it an ideal material for outdoor usage.

2. Which industry utilizes galvanized steel?

With its strong resistance to outside forces, galvanized steel is widely used in several industries such as construction, automotive, and telecommunication industry…

a. Construction industry

As a strong material that withstands corrosion and scratches, it’s no doubt that galvanized steel exists in almost all construction projects, whether it is for residential or commercial. Besides its durability, aesthetics and contemporary feel also make galvanized steel popular in modern architectural designs. Galvanized steel also becomes an essential part of small structure pieces, which are widely seen in your daily life such as fencing, rails, poles, tubing, cattle panels… (hyperlink vào cụm này nhé).

b. Automotive industry

Since the 1980s, many parts of cars & bikes have been made of zinc-coated metals. Up to 80% of the ‘raw body’ of a car is made using galvanized steel, which is a perfect marketing tool for the automotive industry. No one wants a scratch on their vehicles (that might cost a fortune), and galvanized steel handles it all.

c. Telecommunication industry

With billions of users and a huge demand for communication every single second, maintaining the phone lines is not something that a communication company prefers. Not to mention the inconvenience when the whole system is shut down, it’s also difficult to reach the lines as they are always hanging high. That’s why galvanized steel is also popular in the telecommunication industry. It can be found in phone wiring and equipment boxes which helps a lot in decreasing the risk of damage and the need for maintenance.

d. Wind & solar industries

With the need for energy skyrocketed in the past two decades, the energy crisis becomes a big problem for the human being. That’s why using sustainable energy such as wind & solar is now the key to solve the problem. However, wind and solar projects require a continuous workflow once installed, which means that no disturbance for maintenance is preferred as it means revenue loss. Hence, there is nothing more suitable than a strong and durable material such as hot-dipped galvanized steel. Thanks to its corrosion resistance and environmental friendliness (that it does not produce emissions), galvanized steel ensures decades without maintenance.

3. 06 useful advantages of galvanized steel

a. Ready to use (low initial cost)

In comparison to most treated steels, galvanized steel is more ready to use once delivered. There is no need for additional preparation, inspection, or treatment on the surface (such as painting/coating). Hence, you don’t need to pay an additional fee aside from the cost of galvanized steel.

b. Low long term cost (less maintenance cost)

Thanks to its protective zinc coating, galvanized steel requires less maintenance than other untreated steels yet is still able to keep its good condition and appearance. That’s why galvanized steel is the cheapest material for the long term, even though there is an alternative coating whose initial cost is less. It’s in the case that additional costs for maintenance or replacement have yet to be counted.

c. Longer life

Galvanized steel lasts longer than most steels with different treatments for protection do, which is believed to be about 50 years in average environments. In severe and water-exposed conditions, galvanized steel is still able to withstand 20 years, without any maintenance required.

d. The zinc plays as a sacrificial anode

The fact that zinc plays as a sacrificial anode ensures that any damage will be handled by the surrounding coating. Come what may, the zinc coating is still the first to be damaged, and corrodes preferentially to the steel.

e. Rust resistance

Playing the role of a protective coating, the zinc prevents the steel underneath from exposing the moisture in oxygen. Hence, there is no chance for oxidation to occur and iron will not be converted into iron oxide.

f. Complete protection

Galvanized steel (especially when it comes to hot-dipped galvanization), even the sharp corners, recesses, and inaccessible areas are well protected by the zinc coating. Hence, galvanized steel provides complete protection that no other coating can.

4. How to choose high quality galvanized steel?

It’s no doubt that galvanized steel is a good choice for your project, thanks to its wonderful advantages. The question now is how to choose high quality galvanized steel. First of all, you should choose galvanized steel that comes from factories with high production capacity. This could be easily recognized through their production facilities such as mills, warehouses, production lines… Secondly, the product should qualify the international standards that are widely applied for its kind. In this case, the galvanized steel that you consider should match with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), or AS/NZ (Australian/New Zealand Standard). You also need to check the origin of the product on its labels and QR codes. This ensures that the steel you buy is from a prestigious supplier/manufacturer. If you shop at stores, check the surfaces carefully to make sure the product you are going to use is a good galvanizing product. The surface should be smooth and bright, and there of course should not be any sign of corrosion.

5. Why should you choose Chinh Dai Industrial products?

Chinh Dai Industrial supplies galvanized steel products that tick all the boxes, from galvanized steel coils galvanized steel pipes to galvanized perforated purlins and agricultural supports such as cattle panels 

Chinh Dai Industrial has experienced over 20 years of development in international markets. We have 03 factories with a production capacity of 300,000 tons of steel pipes and about 250,000 tons of galvanized steel coils annually.

Chinh Dai Industrial specializes in manufacturing galvanized steel coils, pipes & other galvanized steel products.

Since 2018, Chinh Dai Industrial ranks No. 1 in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in terms of steel pipe export volume to Australia. The galvanized products from Chinh Dai are manufactured using high-quality materials with the zinc coating from Z120 – Z275. Our products meet international standards such as ASTM (A500, A53 & A513) AS / NZ 1163, JIS G3444, and EN 10219 and you can easily check the origins of every product on its own labels with QR codes.

All Chinh Dai Industrial products are well labeled & with QR codes

With very few prestigious manufacturers and materials on the market, choosing the right metal and high quality galvanized steels for your next project is extremely important yet difficult. When you are able to seek good quality products, such as galvanized pipes from Chinh Dai Industrial, it will get you halfway to success. It provides your constructions with an aesthetically stylish finish and awesome coating that withstands any tear and rust.

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