Asian region demand as global steel growth drive

The World Steel Association (WSA) has recently revised the October 2018 forecasts and formally announced new figures in April 2019 meeting. Global demand in for finished steel is slated to have a 1.3% increase (reaching 1,734 MT), and up to 1,750 MT in 2020. Anticipated growth for the current year is around 53 MT, originating…

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Where to buy steel

Where To Buy Steel Wholesale: The Only Guide You Need

Diving into the world of global steel trading can be exhausting sometimes, we all know it! If you are a steel trader, you are certainly no stranger to finding yourself beset on all sides by head-twisting questions about where to buy steel, what type of steel to buy, how to find a trusted supplier and…

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[Updated] Essential Steel Pipe Buyer’s Guide

Steel pipe is becoming more and more sought-after in the global market because of their various advantages that are beneficial to a lot of different areas and industries. Checkout our guide to most popular steel pipes for sale in the world. Carbon steel pipe – the most cost-effective steel pipe for sale Carbon steel pipes…

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black steel pipes

8 Things You Need To Know About Black Steel Pipes

What are black steel pipes? Black steel pipes are made of steel that has not been coated with a substrate such as zinc or paint. Since it has a dark color surface that is forms by iron oxide during the manufacturing process, it is called black steel pipe. What are black steel pipes used for?…

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What Is A Purlin? Everything You Must Know Before Buying It!

In architecture, structural engineering or building, a purlin (or historically purline, purloyne, purling, perling) is a horizontal beam or bar used for structural support in buildings, most commonly in a roof. Purlins are supported either by rafters or the walls of the building. They are most commonly used in metal buildings, though they sometimes replace closely…

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9 Things To Consider Before Buying Cattle Panels

Any animal requires a safe environment to live. Whether you have one cow or an entire herd of cattle, good cattle panels keep them out of trouble. As an animal owner, you want to protect your investment. But before you invest in a cattle panels fencing system, check out these 9 essential elements to make…

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[Updated] Top 100 Asian steel suppliers in 2020

Asia accounts for more than 65% of total global steel use and its populations and economies continue to rise in the near future, which is why Asian steel suppliers are currently the world’s leading companies in the industry. Each Asian country is expanding into the international market with different export strategies in order to increase…

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Vietnam Steel Sales to Rise 27%-28% to 5.2M Tons This Year: Ministry

Vietnam is forecast to see an on-year increase in steel sales of 27%-28% to 5.2 million tons this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) said. Members of the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) are estimated to sell between 300,000 and 320,000 tons of steel monthly in the fourth quarter, raising their total sales to…

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