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With world-class quality, Chinh Dai Steel provides steel supply to in many markets such as India, Laos, Myanmar and other Southeast Asia countries and gradually satisfy the fastidious market like Australia.

The Chinh Dai Steel is one of few brands in Vietnam that gather full of world standards of steel including: US-ASTM A500 Certification for Round, Square and Rectangular Steel Pipes, Japanese Standard Certificate JIS G 3466: 2010 for square rectangular steel pipe, Japanese Standard Certificate JIS G 3302: 2010 for hot dip galvanized sheet steel and Australian Standard Certification AS / NZS 1163: 2009 for square and rectangular steel pipe. With advanced technology and 17 years of experience, Chinh Dai is able to provide an impressive steel supply of high-quality steel with diverse size and dimensions.

Besides the outstanding quality, Chinh Dai Steel Supply is highly diverse and world-trendy, capable of satisfying a great number of foreign customers. Our enthusiastic staffs are willing to assist the partners in every aspect to provide you the highest quality products with appropriate price and best services.

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